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  1. HyperStudio 5

    HyperStudio 5

    HyperStudio 5 is a creative space where you can make fully interactive digital presentations to pass on knowledge, express ideas and attitudes, engage and entertain, all using the very latest technologies.

    If you're part of the generation that mixes and mashes, the generation that makes movies instead of just watching them, the generation that blogs and tweets instead of just reading or watching the news, the generation that makes podcasts instead of just listening to the radio, then you'll want to get to know HyperStudio for Mac OS X and Windows. HyperStudio is all about media fusion.

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  2. Kid Pix 3D

    Kid Pix 3D

    Everything kids need to create and share their stories. Learn More
  3. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

    Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

    Mavis Beacon, the world's most famous typing teacher, provides dynamic personal instruction, placing students in lessons based on their current skill level and then adjusting the lessons as their typing improves. Optional lessons are included for the Dvorak keyboard, used by the world's fastest typists.

    Students will never miss practice again with automatic iCal® reminders. New practice options include typing RSS news feeds, iTunes song lyrics, and the full text of classic novels. Optional classroom tracking software and password protection of student records is included for typing labs.

    For ages 6 to adult.

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  4. The Print Shop 4 for MAC

    The Print Shop 4 for MAC

    The Print Shop 4 for Mac!

    Our new version of The Print Shop 4 makes it easier than ever for you to create stunning projects. With new features from pop-up card templates to professionally designed clip art and from new drawing and spray can tools to 3D headlines, The Print Shop 4 will amaze you with what it can help you design.  


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