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Vision Classroom Management software lets you view your students’ computer screens from your own display, guide how they’re using their computers and interact screen-to-screen.

Use Vision software to:
- Capture students’ attention and keep them focused
- Control the sources of distraction
- Supervise student activity
- Help them individually as needed
- Do all of these things right from your desk

Vision Classroom Management software boosts comprehension, makes your life easier and improves student grades!

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Tablets are intended to encourage student creativity and exploration, but teachers need a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool to help guide the learning. The number one benefit is really classroom management - making sure that the teacher knows that students are on task when they need to be on task. It's about the teacher being able to manage the iPads without IT intervention.



There are 2 x Netop Educational products available: Vision ME and Vision Pro.

Vision Me logo 

This new app is designed from the ground up for iPad classrooms.  It’s a completely new and fresh design, that combines some of the core features of our traditional classroom management software with new capabilities designed for classes where students are swiping and tapping rather than pointing and clicking.  Vision ME includes enhanced collaboration tools, and it works with programs like Google Apps and Dropbox to provide file sharing capabilities that make classroom workflow smoother and more efficient.  And it includes some basic mobile device management features for the teacher, to help your iPad classroom run smoothly.

Vision ME is a classroom workflow management app that makes teaching in an iPad classroom easier and more effective.  With Vision ME, teachers can present lessons from anywhere in the classroom, iPad to iPad, and students can lead class demonstrations from their own devices. Vision Me is unique because it utilizes mobile device management (MDM) technology to provide teachers with better control over student devices, giving them the ability to blank student screens and block internet access.   It also allows teachers to showcase a student’s work to the entire class, distribute and collect files and assignments, broadcast messages, and chat with students in groups or one-on-one.


  • Present lessons from anywhere in the classroom, iPad to iPad
  • Allow students to lead class demonstrations from their iPad
  • Showcase any student's work to the entire class
  • Distribute and collect files and assignments
  • Broadcast messages to your entire classroom
  • Chat with selected  students in groups or privately
  • Blank student iPad screens
  • Block internet access with the touch of a button
  • Includes a full web-based assessment tool

Vision Me screen shot

By combining teaching tools with mobile device management capabilities, Vision ME provides a unique solution to the challenges teachers face when integrating iPads into daily instruction. Vision ME offers teachers an easy to use interface, allowing teachers to focus on delivering education whilst communicating on a platform already heavily adopted by their students. Vision ME puts the teacher back in charge of the classroom, and offers a great return on investment enabling investment-heavy iPads.

Netop Vision ME - Show/Focus/Share



Vision ME includes a teacher app, a student app, and a web-based component that connects teachers and students in classrooms. The apps will be available for free from the app store, but in order to use them schools will need to purchase subscriptions to the web-based service.

Vision Pro logo

When you want the absolute best, look no further than Vision Pro. Leveraging the teacher-trusted technology of Vision, Vision Pro provides expanded functionality. It’s your best choice if...

  • You want the most complete feature set available
  • You want powerful in class solution for digital learning environments
  • You want a web-based student assessment system for blended learning
    (lots more information at the publisher's site
Powerful classroom management software with web-based tools for blended learning
Imagine classroom management software that’s as easy to work with as it is relevant to what you’re teaching. A solution that combines a rich variety of classroom management features with tools for blended learning and flipped classrooms that improve educational results in today’s digital learning environments. Whether your students use the iPad, smart devices or PCs, Vision Pro provides unsurpassed demonstration, teaching and assessment tools that improve learning outcomes. Netop Vision Pro is that software. 

Managing today's BYOD Classroom with Vision
Is your school adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy for student mobile technology? These days, many students are already equipped with their own tablets, computers, cell phones and other smart devices.  Instead of excluding these devices from the classroom, some schools are leveraging the technology investments that parents have made to help achieve one-to-one computing goals.In BYOD schools, student technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning environment. Devices that were once banned as distractions are now being used every day in the classroom.  This presents new challenges for teachers and administrators. How do you foster good learning outcomes in the modern classroom?  And how do you find tools that will work with any mobile device? Traditional classroom management tools won't cut it in the BYOD classroom.  That's why Netop has introduced a new version of Vision Pro Classroom Management Software with browser-based screen sharing, so that teachers can demonstrate on ANY student device.

Flip your classroom, create interactive lessons, & assess performance online
Flipping the classroom is changing the way teachers are using technology, both in and out of the classroom.  In the flipped classroom model, what used to be thought of as “homework” is now done in class. Conversely, what used to be considered the “traditional in-class lecture” is now being viewed outside the classroom, often in the form of a recorded video lecture. Netop’s new Vision Pro Learning Center is purpose-built to meet the self-guided learning objectives of the flipped classroom. Designed to be accessed from home, school, or anywhere, this web-based assessment and flipped classroom solution lets teachers easily embed videos, content and links directly into an online lesson page. Then, after the student completes each lesson, the teacher can offer an accompanying test or quiz. 


Why Netop’s flipped classroom software solutions?

The Vision Pro Learning Center is Netop’s web-based testing software. Engineered to support learning from home, this interactive assessment system is a perfect match for the flipped classroom: 
  • Let students access this web-based assessment software from home 
  • Easily embed videos and content directly into online lesson pages 
  • Create  interactive quizzes, tests and assessments 
  • Save time with automatic scoring and reporting
The Vision Pro Learning Center is included free with the purchase of Vision Pro. 
Together, they combine to offer a powerful classroom management and flipped classroom tool set:
  • Web-based testing and assessment tools  
  • Dynamic teaching tools for PCs, the iPad and smart device
  • Powerful classroom management for student PCs
  • Best-in-class technology for digital learning environments

Vision Pro more details -   Datasheet HERE >

Documentation -  Manuals and Guides HERE >


Vision ME NZ$ ex gst NZ$ inc gst
 Vision ME - Per Year, Unique students/teachers logins (MOQ 20)  9.15  10.52
 Vision ME classkit - Per Year, Student/teacher logins 50 users  365.85  420.73
 Vision ME - Per Year, Per Student/teacher logins - 250-499  6.60  7.59
 Vision ME - Per Year, Per Student/teacher logins - 500-999  6.40  7.36


Vision PRO NZ$ ex gst NZ$ inc gst
 Vision Pro - Per Year, Unique students/teachers logins (MOQ 20)  9.15  10.52
 Vision Pro classkit - Per Year, Student/teacher logins 50 users  365.85  420.73
 Vision Pro - Per Year, Per Student/teacher logins - 250-499  6.60  7.59
 Vision Pro - Per Year, Per Student/teacher logins - 500-999  6.40  7.36


Vision ME or Vision Pro is also available for over 1000 users. 

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