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Maths Circus - Act 5

The Maths Circus software series has been extremely popular and is now used in schools around the world to help children enjoy mathematics and develop their problem-solving skills.

Maths Circus - Act 5

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  • Maths Circus - Act 5
  • Maths Circus - Act 5


Twelve Puzzles - Ten Levels

Each of the twelve puzzles in each Maths Circus Act has ten levels of difficulty ranging from the very simple through to the very challenging. This makes it suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

There are five basic levels for children in the early years of schooling, and then five advanced levels for those who are ready for more of a challenge. In many puzzles, the hardest level will present a challenge to students of any age group - perhaps even the teacher! However the software comes with a "hints and solutions" manual to help.

Each Act package includes worksheets that can be photo-copied for classroom use, a booklet of hints and solutions, and an installation and user guide. All these are also on the CD in PDF format.

Teachers can control music and sound effects, decide which levels of which puzzles are available, and inspect, cut-and-paste or print details of students’ progress.


Maths Circus Act 3 provides practice and enhancement for a wide range of skills.
Spatial awareness is needed when building paths for the lions, arranging the acrobats in a pyramid, and using the fork-lift. Three-dimensional geometry is introduced in the dolphins puzzle. Practise addition and multiplication with the jugglers and the clowns. Investigate direction and angle when crossing the river, and at highter levels explores compass bearings, time and vectors in a very simple way. Controlling the elevator involves positive and negative numbers.
Several puzzles even include simple programming — planning a sequence of moves in advance, and executing them later on.

Maths Circus Act 4 Many mathematical topics are covered including positive and negative numbers, addition, multiplication, sums involving money, 2- and 3-dimensional geometry, sorting by colour and shape, the physics of pendulums and trajectories, and even programming sequences of movements. Maths Circus Act 4 challenges and encourages students to think for themselves.

Maths Circus

Act 5 places emphasis on developing spatial, logical and sequencing skills, as well as including problems which encourage facility with numbers.
Even if students are unfamiliar with some of the terminology when they first see a puzzle, a few moments of experimenting will reveal how different devices affect their strategies.

Maths Circus Act 6 puzzles are completely different from those found in earlier Circuses, though the clowns make an appearance again with yet another head-scratching, colourful puzzle. There is a focus on straight mathematical tasks as the series title suggests - this time with activities based on ticket-selling, manipulating plus and minus signs, constructing sums, and balancing see-saws. There is the usual assortment of thought-provoking logic puzzles, and a robot-sequencing activity to introduce simple programming concepts.

 Suitable for Macintosh or Windows

Licence Information

The purchase of two copies of a title by an educational institution constitutes a site licence. Software may be installed on a network or on any number of computers that are owned by the purchasing institution and are situated within one campus site of the institution.
An off-campus licence is available for institutions using laptops. Provided the institution has a site licence, the software may be installed on any number of laptops that are owned by or leased out to staff or students, provided one extra copy is purchased for every 20 laptops on which it is installed. Thus for installation on 35 laptops, the institution would need to purchase four copies of a package (two for the site licence, one for the first 20 laptops and another for the remainder).

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