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With the Easi-Speak MP3 recorder / player you can record voices, sounds or music on the move.

Attractively designed as a microphone children can be the roving reporter or singing star, without being attached to a PC.

Rainbow Easi-Speaks

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  • Easi-Speak (Yellow or Black)
  • Rainbow Easi-Speaks
  • Rainbow Easi-Speaks
  • Easi-Speak
  • Easi-Speak Stand
  • Easi-Speak Stand
  • Easi-Speak Pro
  • Easi-Speak Pro


The Easi-Speak will enrich your classroom teaching in all curriculum areas. It's easy to use, light weight, and holds up to 4 hours of audio recordings.

  • Easi-Speak lets you record directly into the microphone
  • Playback remotely or download your files straight to your PC through the attached USB
  • 128MB built in memory that can record up to 4 hours (high quality sound) 
  • Downloaded files are WAV or MP3 format
  • Audacity Music Editing Software is provided as file on the Easi-Speak 
  • Built in battery charged through USB.

Easi-Speak (single)
Available in yellow or black.

Rainbow Easi-Speaks and Docking Station
Comes with 6 rainbow coloured Easi-Speak microphones, and a Docking Station for storage and charging.

Easi-Speak Pro
Designed to appeal to children aged 9 upwards. Includes all the features of the Easi-Speak, housed in a sleek, stylish silver case.

Easi-Speak Stand
Stand is very lightweight with three retractable legs that fold into the stand for storage and transportation. Fits both Easi-Speak & Easy-Speak Pro.

Easi-Speak Decorative Trims
5 brightly coloured rings to help identify Easi-Speaks.

Easi-Speak Charging Hub
For 5 Easi-Speaks. Plug in to either AC power or into your PC via USB to charge.

Easi-Speak Docking Station
Store and charge 6 Easi-Speaks, Easi-Speak Pros, or a combination of the two. Plugs in to either AC power or into your PC via USB.

Easi-Speak Carry Case
Carry and store 6-8 Easi-Speaks & some accessories.

Easi-Speak Bundle
Bundle includes 5x Easi-Speaks, 1x Charging Hub and Trims.

Ultimate Easi-Speak Bundle
Bundle includes 5x Easi-Speaks, 1x Stand, 1x Charging Hub, Trims, Easi-Speak Sound Station with 6 Headphones, Carrying Case.

Product Name Ex GST Inc GST Qty
Easi-Speak - Yellow $88.50 $101.78
Easi-Speak - Black $88.50 $101.78
6 Rainbow Easi-Speaks & Docking Station $562.50 $646.88
Easi-Speak Stand $24.00 $27.60
Easi-Speak Pro $111.00 $127.65
Easi-Speak Charging Hub for 5 Easi-speaks $34.50 $39.68
Easi-Speak Docking Station for 6 Easi-Speaks $52.50 $60.38
Easi-Speak Carry Case (for 6-8 Easi-Speaks & some accessories) $59.00 $67.85
Easi-Speak Bundle (5x Easi-Speaks 1x Charging Hub and Trims) $469.00 $539.35
Ultimate Easi-Speak Bundle (5x Easi-Speaks, 1x Stand, Charging Hub, Sound Station with 6 Headphones + Case) $679.00 $780.85