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  1. Magna-Qubix


    Magna-Qubix logo

    The brand-new building set from the Magna-Tiles family, Magna-Qubix, feature an array of new shapes including cubes, prisms and pyramids. Anything your children can dream, they can build with Magna-Qubix! Each translucent and colorful shape measures about 2cm x 2cm and can be used with your favorite Magna-Tiles sets and other favorite toys. 

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  2. Magna-Tiles Main


    Magnetic Building Toys for Ages 3 and Up!

    Magna-Tiles Logo exxtended

    Innovative magnetic building tiles that are designed to hold a child's interest and attention, build critical developmental skills and promote imaginative play and creativity.

    Valtech's Magna-Tiles® are used in preschools, day cares, kindergartens, classrooms, children's museums, and homes around the world. Parents, teachers, and children of all ages love Magna-Tiles!

    The secret is the unique ability to attract even when the tiles are flipped... They always attract!

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  3. Magna-Tiles  Expansion_Sets

    Magna-Tiles Expansion_Sets

    for Ages 3 and Up!

    These 3 sets are add-ons, for people with other existing Magna-Tile products.
    Shapes are Clear Colors style...colorful and translucent, like stained glass!

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