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Adobe Creative Cloud

This information will definitely be of interest to relevant NZ school staff involved in ICT, Digital Technologies, Web Design, Photography, Video, Music, etc.

You can get Adobe Creative Cloud, a comprehensive package of 23 apps, that are updated for free with any new releases as part of your annual subscription.
( Creative Cloud is the product subsequent to Creative Suite 6. CS6 is no longer available. )

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud K-12 School Device Licence Program, including student BYOD.

This is now the only sustainable Adobe purchasing option for NZ primary and secondary schools.

The K-12 School Licence is an affordable, easy-to-manage 'site' device licensing option available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP).
It is an annual subscription based program.

The minimum purchase is for 25 Device Licences, but any number greater than 25 may be purchased.

We are offering great pricing at only  NZ$37 + gst per device, per 12 months.

The Program allows a school to install Creative Cloud device licences
in a classroom, a lab or at home.
A device licence can be installed on either one Mac or one Windows operating system, so no need to buy for separate platforms.
If a computer is decommissioned, a staff member leaves or any other event that requires a licence to be deactivated during the subscription period, that license can be reallocated to another machine.

Great news is that installation on student-owned/leased devices is allowed.
Prior to this package, if students wanted all the Creative Cloud apps, their only option was Aus$25.95/month, about NZ$360/year.
So this new K-12 School Device Licence Program is a fantastic option for schools that have student BYOD.

Schools with student BYOD can if they want charge students a greater amount than the buy price of $37 + gst.
Remember students are currently forking out around $360 per year for their Adobe CC subscription.
So something in between $37 and $360 would be a good deal for students, and also help fund the cost of installation on to the school's computers...!

When you are ready to need the Adobe Device Licences for Creative Cloud...
Just confim the particular number of Devices (25 or greater  -   Like 27, 43, 259, or any number you want).
Current pricing is $37 + get per device, for 12 months use.
The Minimum purchase is for 25 devices, ie 25 x $37 = $925 + gst.

Order at the bottom of this screen page.
We will then get back to you to follow through on the necessary enrollment information for the Adobe VIP Program.
It takes just a day or so from placing your order to being able to install the device licences your end.

If at a later stage during the subscription year more device licences are required than purchased initially, the minimum additional later purchase is also for 25 Device Licences.
The price for the additional licences is prorated to the portion of the 12 months remaining on the original subscription purchase, ie less than $37.
For any additional device licences, you would pay for just the number of whole months remaining before the Anniversary Date.
Then all the device licences owned by a school fall on the same VIP Anniversary Date.

Device licenses allow institutions enrolled in the Value Incentive Plan (VIP) to license software to a specific computer, and users never have to sign in or enter a serial number to access apps. After purchasing Creative Cloud for education device licenses, the school VIP Administrator is provided accesses to the Adobe Admin Console.

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Product Name Ex GST Inc GST Qty
Adobe Creative Cloud NZ School Device Licences - annual subscription (minimum purchase 25) $37.00 $42.55