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Yenka Chemistry Software

Yenka is a new range of modelling tools for schools, which let you simulate concepts and create content easily. Most of the titles were originally Crocodile titles from Crocodile Clips Ltd.

There are now 13 Yenka products, for mathematics, science, computing and technology.

Schools worldwide love the way they let you experiment in a safe and accurate virtual lab.

Yenka Chemistry Software

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  • Yenka Chemistry Software
  • Yenka Chemistry Software
  • Yenka Chemistry Software
  • Yenka Chemistry Software


Yenka Chemistry

This is the replacement product for Crocodile Chemistry, which has been discontinued.

Yenka Chemistry Bundle contains the following products:

The products are available separately, or as a bundle.

About Yenka Software

Yenka software is designed for use either by teachers or by students, on whiteboards or on individual computers.

  • School Site Licence purchase let you use the software on any number of computers at one school site.
  • The Teacher Licence allows use by one named teacher on one computer at a time. It also permits up to 40 of the teacher's students to use that product on other computers at the same postal address, but only during a class taught by the teacher.
  • A Teacher Licence costs 30% of a site licence.
  • Prices are one-off payments - not annual subscriptions.

- Download free plugin, which includes 15-day demo:
- We send you the serial number.
- You register the serial number and add the product you've purchased to the free plugin, opening up access to the new areas of the software.

Yenka Website:

Training Videos:

Trial - 15 days:

System Requirements:
Windows XP (32-bit), Vista (32-bit) or later
Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Installation help:

Looking for other Yenka Software?

We also offer the following Yenka products:

Product Name Ex GST Inc GST Qty
Yenka Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry - Teacher Licence $210.00 $241.50
Yenka Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry - Site Licence $700.00 $805.00
Yenka Chemistry - Electrochemistry - Teacher Licence $90.00 $103.50
Yenka Chemistry - Electrochemistry - Site Licence $300.00 $345.00
Yenka Chemistry Bundle (Inorganic + Electrochemistry) - Teacher Licence $270.00 $310.50
Yenka Chemistry Bundle (Inorganic + Electrochemistry) - Site Licence $900.00 $1,035.00